Jersey City Unity Walk 2017

The 2nd Annual Unity Walk led by the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement ( ) will be held on June 10, 2017 beginning at 9 am on McAdoo Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive and ends at Lincoln Park, with food, games, live entertainment, informational booths/tables, musical instrument tutorial classes, arts and crafts, outdoor sports, fitness exercises and much more!

The purpose of this event is to continue to unite the community in the fight against violence and the effort to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. At the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement (J.C.A.C.M.), we know the power of a community when it comes together for a common cause.

Violence in the south & west sides of Jersey City continue to increase. Historically, there is a significant spike in violence during the summer and we would like to reverse these trends in 2017, which is why the Unity Walk is scheduled for the start of the summer. This is going to be a great event that will ignite a passion in people and fuel the progress for us all. Each year, we plan to bring our community together to replenish, rebuild and renew the commitment of unity and the spirit of community in Jersey City.

The 1st Unity Walk attracted more than 400 attendees and 220 of them registered for free monthly workshops through our JC Unity Community Empowerment Program! We want to double those numbers and more!

This year 2017, the entire Jersey City along with neighboring cities and as far away as Canada are invited for this momentous event. We have now partnered with more than 50 groups in Jersey City and the surrounding areas to make this year’s Unity Walk a success! The excitement is overwhelming!

If your organization, group, company, business or any individual would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, please contact us with the amount of your donation and provide us your representative’s name, banner and digital logo for the T-shirt. All donations from sponsorship will cover expenses for the entire festivities.

For further information, listed below are Committee Chairs for this year’s event that the public can coordinate with. Let us be positive and join hands to stop the violence at home or in the street! Small steps are a big start!


Unity Walk Chair

Pamela Nicole Johnson:


Sandra Lovely:


Jerry Leonor:


Jujo Conol:

Communication & Logistics

Henry Gage, Jr.:


Chris Perez:


Patrick Conlon:


Leotis Clyburn:

Recreation and Activities

Janine Brown:

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