In Photos: Activists in New York Join July 12 Global Rally to Support Filipino Fisherfolk and Celebrate Anniversary of Hague Ruling on 'South China Sea Arbitration'

July 14, 2019

Asian Herald New York Photos by Lambert Parong © 2019 Kababayan Media 












July 12 Global Rally. Filipinos worldwide continue to protest China’s actions in the West Philippine Sea and marked the historic day to celebrate the third anniversary of the Philippines’ unanimous Award against China in the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Filipino activists abroad and in the homeland seek justice for Filipino fisherfolk. Demonstrations were scheduled to take place in front of China consulates or embassies and key areas in Saipan, Guam, Manila, San Francisco, New York, Scotland, and other cities.

The July 12 Global Rally drew together various groups including US Pinoys for Good Governance (USPGG); the National Youth Movement for the West Philippine Sea (NYMWPS); Global Filipino Diaspora Council; Migrante US and Migrante Youth; Malaya Movement; Network on China’s Aggression on the Philippines (NoCAP); and Bayan USA.

Advocates renewed calls for China to respect international laws, as well as respect Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea, and give justice to Filipino fisherfolk being oppressed by Chinese vessels in the West Philippine Sea.

Click the link to learn more about The South China Sea Arbitration (The Republic of Philippines v. The People's Republic of China)

Asian Herald New York Photos by Lambert Parong © 2019 Kababayan Media 

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